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Accessory Installation & Repair - Automotive Service Solutions

What kinds of accessories are available for automobiles today? The list of automotive accessories seem endless! For anything from compass and temperature mirrors to power windows and parking assist, Automotive Service Solutions is the place to come! Our ASE Certified Technicians repair and install all of these accessories and so much more!
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Expert ASE Certified Technicians - Accessories - Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa

As our customers rely more and more on accessories in their automobiles, such as car locators, remote car starters and keyless entry. We at Automotive Service Solutions are making sure we stay on top of what’s new in the automotive industry. We also repair AND install accessory items such as cruise control, keyless entry, parking assist systems, rear camera systems, heated seats and much more! Making your automotive experience more comfortable and enjoyable is our passion.
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Affordable Towing Accessory Repairs and Installations

No matter what kind of trailer or equipment you tow, you want to make sure that it tows safely down the road. Our ASE Certified Technicians at Automotive Service Solutions have the skills and experience to repair or install any type of towing system. We are your local towing experts.

Lighting can be tricky when towing something. It is vital that your brake and turn signal lights can be seen at the rear of whatever it is you are towing. Our wire harness and lighting experts at Automotive Service Solutions can diagnose your lighting problem quickly and get you on your way.

Whether you use a ball trailer hitch, a fifth wheel, gooseneck, front hitch or another type of specialty hitch, Automotive Service Solutions can repair it quickly and affordably. Or, if you would like a hitch installed on your vehicle, come on in and let's talk towing. Tell us what you want to tow and Automotive Service Solutions can recommend the best and most affordable system to use.
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Professional Accessory Repair and Installation in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

Installed Accessories by Automotive Service Solutions:
  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Windows
  • Power Locks
  • Heated Seats
  • Parking Assist
  • Rear Camera
  • Cruise Control
  • Signal Mirrors
  • Variety of Compass / Temp Mirrors (including Homelink)
  • Standard Trailer Hitches & Trailer Electrical
  • Electronic Brake Control
  • DC to AC Power Inverter

Automotive Service Solutions - we are committed to keeping your vehicle accessories up-to-date with the latest in accessory repair and installation. Whether your accessories include towing, transporting, communications, media, or whatever, Automotive Service Solutions can help. We will keep your accessories working properly, or, give us a call and tell us what accessories you might be dreaming about for your vehicle. We can help make your accessory dream come true. Call us today!
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Accessory Repair and Installation
Automotive Service Solutions
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