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Expert Car Care Maintenance - Automotive Service Solutions

Making sure your vehicle receives regular car care maintenance is imperative in order for your vehicle to perform well and give you years of uninterupted service. Automotive Service Solutions is the place to go for the best car care maintenance to keep you safe on Iowa's roadways. Our team of experienced auto technicians not only provide you with the best car care maintenance available but they perform routine preventive mainenance that can help keep your auto repair expenses to a minimum. By catching small minor repairs before they get expensive and out-of-hand, Automotive Service Solutions can give you the driving confidence you want as well as help protect your automotive investment.

A professional and affordable car care maintenance program at Automotive Service Solutions can help you keep your regular car care maintenance schedule on time. This can help to keep your car maintenance costs down as well as get more miles of great performance from your car or truck. Our professional automotive technicians at Automotive Service Solutions receive regular training so that they stay up-to-date and informed about the latest automotive care maintenance procedures and techniques.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa's Choice For Oil and Filter Changes

A regular car care maintenance program includes having regular oil & filter changes. Our ASE Certified Technicians at Automotive Service Solutions are your local oil change experts. We use only the best products recommended for your vehicle by following your car or truck's manufacturer recommendations.

We know that you want to get the best performance and the longest life possible from your vehicle. With a regular maintenance schedule at Waterloo/Cedar Falls' Automotive Service Solutions, we make sure your vehicle gets the best care available. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the tools, the skills and the experience to keep your vehicle in top notch condition. Call Automotive Service Solutions for professional, affordable oil and filter changes.

ASE Certified Technicians - Chassis Lubrication - Shocks & Struts

While making sure that all of the components of your vehicle are working properly, Automotive Service Solutions can provide your vehicle with a thorough chassis lubrication service. When things aren't lubricated correctly, your car or truck not only has trouble working properly, it can cause other serious problems as well. Automotive Service Solutions' ASE Certified technicians know how to take care of the chassis points in your vehicle that need lubrication.

Shocks and struts can directly affect how safe your vehicle is on the road. That's why we highly recommend you have Automotive Service Solutions inspect them regularly. Your shocks and struts control suspension movement of the car. That dictates how fast, how much, and how effectively the suspension works. They should always be kept in top condition for maximum performance. Shocks and struts can also determine how evenly your tires wear by keeping your vehicle's tires flat on the road. Improperly working shocks and struts can cause premature tire wear. Make sure that your shocks and struts are working properly. Bring your vehicle in to Automotive Service Solutions for regular car care maintenance!

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa - Transmission Service Experts

Besides making sure your car or truck has a working brake system, great performing shocks and struts and a lubed chassis, part of your car maintenance schedule should include a transmission service. You can trust your transmission service to the transmission experts at Automotive Service Solutions. Our ASE Certified Technicians know transmissions inside and out so when car and truck owners in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa area need to have their transmission service performed, they come to Automotive Service Solutions.

Getting an experienced, professional transmission service is one way to keep your car maintenance cost under control and avoid unexpected major automotive expenses. Our auto technicians are trained, skilled and certified and provide you with friendly, expert transmission service. We know your vehicle is an important part of your daily life and we are dedicated to making sure that the transmission service you get is done right.

Tire Replacement/Sales And Tire Rotations - Automotive Service Solutions

We know there are many places in the Waterloo and Cedar Falls area that you can take your car or truck to for tire repair or replacement. Automotive Service Solutions technicians are the go-to tire experts that are dedicated to giving you the best deal possible on tires. We will never try to sell you something that you do not need and will recommend only what our ASE Certified Technicians feel is necessary to keep you driving safely down Iowa's roads.

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to know when tire rotations should be performed or if your tires need to be replaced. From checking your tire air pressure to rotations to that new set of sporty tires and wheels, you can trust Automotive Service Solutions for all of your tire needs.

30,60,90k Mile Car or Truck Care Maintenance Service in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

One of the most important car maintenance tips that our professional automotive technicians offer is to follow your car manufacturer's 30, 60,90k mile maintenance schedule. Our ASE Certified technicians is your dealership alternative when it comes to your car or truck maintenance schedule.

At Automtoive Service Solutions we make car care maintenance affordable and convenient. A preventive car maintenance schedule is the most significant stop in keeping your car or truck on the road for years of dependable service. Automotive Service Solutions is the place to go for 30, 60, 90k mile car care maintenance in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa area.

Call Automotive Service Solutions for all of your car care maintenance 319-233-4466 - or stop by and visit with us. We are happy to answer your questions and show you why our satisfied customers keep coming back!

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