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Comfort Systems - Automotive Service Solutions

Sure - being pragmatic about your transportation is important. You drive a vehicle that gets you where you need to go affordably and efficiently. But today's drivers are looking for more - we want to be comfortable while driving. Gone are the days of driving down a hot summer freeway with all the car's windows open and our hair blowing in the breeze.

We want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We want our seats to move backward and forward at the touch of a button and we want our tires to tell us when the air pressure is low. And we don't want to have to remember to turn our lights off. All of these convenient and comfort desires mean more bells and whistles on our automobiles that need to be kept in proper working order.
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Automotive Climate Control Service in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

Most modern cars have automotive climate control, which uses a mixture of air conditioning and heating to keep the interior temperature of your vehicle at a comfortable level. Like any other aspect of your car, the climate control system requires regular inspection and maintenance to make sure it is working efficiently.

Our ASE-certified technicians at Automotive Service Solutions can quickly inspect, repair or service your climate control system either as part of a preventive maintenance program, or as an individual service. If you live in Waterloo, Cedar Falls, or the surrounding area, contact Automotive Service Solutions today for professional climate control repair and servicing.
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Expert Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance -Automotive Service Solutions

Having your air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly helps avoid expensive bills in the long run. System leak repairs and recharging can also be carried out by our certified technicians in our Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa automotive repair shop. We work on recharging, cleaning, inspecting and refrigerant recovery - All while you wait! We can install vehicle A/C systems as well as repair any existing malfunctioning air conditioning system.

Do you smell some foul air coming from your ac vents when you turn it on? Is there a strange noise coming from under the hood or behind the dash when you turn it on? If your vehicle’s air conditioner gives you hot air instead of cold from the vents, or there is no air coming out at all, bring it to Automotive Service Solutions. Our ASE Certified Technicians can inspect and diagnose the problem quickly and get you driving comfortably down the road again.
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ASE Certified Technicians - All System Diagnosis - Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa

Drivers that have been on the road for more years than they would like to admit, will tell you there used to be a vehicle safety inspection routine. People would perform this routine before opening the car's door to sit in the driver’s seat. We checked underneath for fluid leaks, walked completely around the car making sure the tires were properly inflated, cleaned headlights and the windshield and then made sure there was enough gas in the car to make our intended trip.

Today most people just jump into the driver's seat, turn the key, put the car into gear and step on the pedal. Most of us count on modern automotive sensors to tell us everything is working properly on our vehicle. These systems give us confidence and keep us driving comfortably.

Most of us are familiar with the "Check Engine Light" in our vehicles, but there are a lot of other warning systems as well. Today's vehicles are equipped with sensors that not only tell you that you have a tire with low air pressure – the sensor will tell you which tire is low. There is also a sensor to remind you that you need to get fuel. These sensors are wonderful safety features on our automobiles, and they also make it very convenient for those of us who forget to make that visual inspection of our vehicle's working components.
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Comfort Systems Experts and more! Automotive Service Solutions

As people rely more and more on the automatic comfort systems of their automobiles, we at Automotive Service Solutions make sure we are staying on top of what's new in the service and repair of automotive comfort systems. And for those older vehicles that serve you well, yet could be even better, we install accessory systems such as cruise control, keyless entry, parking assist systems, rear camera systems, heated seats and more!

Automotive Service Solutions - keeping you comfortable while driving down the road. We can keep your comfort systems running smoothly, or, give us a call and see what comfort conditions might be available for your vehicle.
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Comfort Systems
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