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Automotive Service Solutions - Experts on Cooling Systems

Our ASE Certified Technicians know that heat can make your engine parts wear out too fast and work less efficiently, as well as cause air polluting emissions. The main purposes of a cooling system in your automobile is to allow your car engine to warm up quickly and then keep your engine from overheating while running. It is important to keep things from getting too hot in your engine compartment. Your cooling system keeps other engine components from getting too hot as well.
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Your Engine's Cooling System - Antifreeze - Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

Most vehicles today are liquid cooled rather than air-cooled (older VW's as well as some motorcycles today are still air-cooled). From the pressure cap of your radiator to the clamp that holds your heater hoses to the heater core, every part and parcel of your cooling system is vital. The water pump has the job of keeping fluid moving through the system while the thermostat makes sure the coolant in your engine stays at a steady temperature whether it is 10 degrees or 110 degrees outside.

The coolant that flows through your engine has to be able to withstand temperatures below zero without freezing and above 200 degrees without boiling. Today's coolant is a mixture of 50/50 ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and water. This antifreeze is poisonous great care should be taken to keep animals away from any antifreeze leaks. Dogs and cats are especially attracted by the sweet taste of Ethylene Glycol, which if ingested, will cause renal failure and death. There is a definite benefit in the use of antifreeze but it should be used with caution and safety.
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Cooling Off Engine Heat - Automotive Service Solutions

While your engine is running, heat is building up inside of it. Some of this heat is eliminated through the exhaust system, but much of this heat remains, affecting important engine parts such as belts and hoses. When working properly, your cooling system circulates coolant, which absorbs this heat. Then the coolant is air cooled back down as it passes through the radiator. To put it simply, a thermostat keeps track of the coolant’s temperature and opens or closes the valve to cool off or re-circulates the coolant.

It is extremely important that your engine's cooling system is working at peak capacity. Make sure you don’t find yourself stranded on the shoulder as the sun burns down blistering heat because your car’s cooling system has failed. Automotive Service Solutions can help make sure that your vehicle runs cool and clean. Call us today and our ASE Certified Technicians will make sure your car’s cooling system is working properly.
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Cooling System - Thermostat - Overheating - Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

Coolant circulates through your engine when the thermostat ascertains that the engine is heating up and needs to be cooled down. Coolant is pulled from the radiator from the water pump and is sent into the engine block. It then circulates back out to the radiator where it is cooled back down. It is important that your vehicle's coolant level is checked periodically and is kept above the minimum mark but below the maximum mark.

If you believe that your car is overheating and you are sure that there's enough coolant, bring your vehicle in to Automotive Service Solutions and our ASE Certified Technicians will run a cooling system check. Finding and repairing a problem with your vehicle's cooling system is far better than having to deal with the damage that might be done to your engine if it ever overheats.
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Cooling System Leaks - Automotive Service Solutions - The Leak experts

You don't have to be an ASE Certified Technician to detect a leak. Have you noticed spots on your garage floor, on your driveway or in your favorite parking spot at work? Oil and antifreeze are the two main fluids leaking out of your engine.

Leaks can be caused for several reasons. High heat, tremendous pressure or just plain old age can cause engine hoses to fail. Old and cracked hoses can leak antifreeze or other fluids that your engine requires to run cool and clean. Sometimes rubber sealed joints can leak. It can be difficult to determine where a vehicle leak is coming from. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the skills and experience to inspect those pesky leaky places and quickly repair or replace parts to stop them.

If you’re noticing some unidentified fluid spots left under your car or truck, let Automotive Service Solutions check under your hood. We can stay ahead of a minor leak before it turns into a major problem.
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Professional Cooling System Repair - Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa

Depending on the type and size of your vehicle's engine and your load requirements of it, there is a difference in what capacity your cooling system needs to provide. A larger, more powerful V8 engine in a heavy-duty vehicle needs a lot more capacity then a small compact 4-cylinder car's engine. If you are unsure whether your cooling system is working properly for your vehicle, or if you're experiencing engine over-heating, give us a call, or come in to Automotive Service Solutions. Our ASE Certified Technicians will inspect your cooling system and make sure it is working efficiently and effectively for the demands your driving needs require.
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