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Auto Electrical System - Waterloo & Cedar Falls, Iowa

Your Electrical System Experts

Just about everything that runs on your vehicle is connected to your vehicle's electrical system. From the ignition switch, battery system, starter motor, solenoid, relay, ignition circuit, spark plugs, ignition coil and distributor to the alternator, voltage regulator, and fuses, you can trust Automotive Service Solutions electrical system experts to diagnose and repair whatever electrical problem your vehicle may be experiencing.
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Heavy Duty Electrical in Waterloo, Iowa / Cedar Falls, Iowa

Automotive Service Solutions offers sales and service of heavy-duty high-amperage charging systems for the most demanding applications. We are able to supply units for 12 and 24-volt applications with amperages in excess of 400 amps DC. Automotive Service Solutions offer Dimensions Unlimited inverters for mobile power users that require 120-220 volts AC when no conventional power source is available. With our many years of experience and numerous product connections we are able to meet the special needs of all of our customer's.

Starting the diesel engines that are the backbone of commercial trucks and off-road equipment requires a powerful cranking motor. Because Automotive Service Solutions has access to many different manufactures we may have replacement starters that are able to solve the problem of inefficient cranking motors. If you are experiencing such a problem, give us a call and we'll do all we can to help find your solution.
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Professional Electrical Diagnostics - Automotive Service Solutions

There are very few things that can be as frustrating as turning the key in the ignition of your car or truck and either hearing a faint "click" – or worse yet, hearing nothing at all. Is the battery dead? Is the ignition switch bad? How about the starter? Is there a blown fuse? Faulty spark plugs? There are a number of things that could prohibit your engine from starting, and the expense can be caused by something minor or very major.

Automotive Service Solutions can diagnose your vehicle's problem quickly and professionally. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the training, the knowledge and experience to inspect, diagnose and repair any problem with your vehicle's electrical system.
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Automotive Service Solutions Battery Inspection and Testing

As you drive your vehicle, the battery is continually draining and re-charging. Your vehicle's battery cables and terminals make the connection between the battery and your vehicle. It is possible for dirt and contaminants to collect under the hood of your car. These impurities, along with grease or copper oxide build up, or if the metal on the terminals corrode over time, your battery cannot work properly.

If your battery is not working properly, your vehicle can leave you stranded. Our ASE Certified Technicians visually inspect your battery, terminals, cells, and casing and test its charge by checking the voltage, and the drain and charge capability of your battery. Our expert technicians will also inspect your battery's terminals and clean or replace them. At Automotive Service Solutions we can get you back on the road in no time.
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Battery Repair or Replacement & Environmentally Friendly

If our inspection shows that your car battery is worn out or cannot be repaired, Automotive Service Solutions can quickly replace your battery and get your car back running down the road. Our well-maintained stock of a variety of batteries will make battery replacement affordable and fast. Or, we can order the right battery for your vehicle and get it changed out in no time. Our team of battery experts will never replace your battery unless it is absolutely necessary, and we will give you the most affordable options available from which to chose.

And, of course, as an environmentally friendly repair facility, we will responsibly dispose of your old battery.
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Fuses - Relying On Your Electrical System

Automobile fuses act similar to the fuses or circuit breakers in your home. Most automobile fuses are located in a fuse box (or boxes) and act as safety guards so that your vehicle's circuits do not overload. A blown fuse may cause anything from your car radio to stop working to stopping your turn signal-blinker-lights from working.

Our technicians know how important it is to keep your car's electrical system working properly. No matter what size or shape your fuses are, Automotive Service Solutions in Waterloo, Iowa has the right fuse to get your electrical system working again.

Starters - Reliable Starting & Driving Down The Road

The starter motor of your automobile is connected to your battery and to your ignition switch. As you turn your key, the starter motor uses the battery electricity to start your engine. The solenoid and relay located within the starter motor regulate how much power is transferred to the motor from the battery.

Automotive Service Solutions knows the electrical system of your automobile inside and out. If you're car or truck is having starter problems, our ASE Certified friendly and courteous technicians in Waterloo, Iowa will track down the problem, repair it and have you back on the road quickly and affordably.

Alternator Specialists at Automotive Service Solutions

Once your car's battery has started the engine, the alternator kicks in. As the engine continues to run, the alternator continually recharges the battery, supplying the power to run the lights, radio and other electrical equipment. Inside the alternator, a voltage regulator keeps the alternator from overcharging the battery and other electrical elements.

It is easy to see why it would be extremely important to make sure your vehicle's alternator is working properly. Our ASE Certified Technicians are able to inspect and diagnose any automotive electrical component necessary to give you safe and reliable driving capabilities. Call Automotive Service Solutions at 319-233-4466 to have your electrical system inspected today!
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In Waterloo, Iowa - Heat, A/C and Climate Controls

The summer heat and winter cold have no place inside your vehicle, where you and your cargo want to be, driving safely and comfortably. The electrical system of your car or truck is important to keeping the heating and cooling systems working properly. Regular maintenance can help make sure your climate control works effectively and efficiently when you turn those control switches.

Call Automotive Service Solutions today for expert diagnosis and repair of any heat, a/c and climate control problems your vehicle may be experiencing. We can get you back on the road to comfortably driving quickly and affordably.
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Automotive Service Solutions -Interior/Exterior Lights

There are some very important lighting systems built into your vehicle; the check engine light, temperature gauge lights, turn signals, brake lights, even your map and mirror lights. You should be able to rely on these lights working when you need them. Not only are they helpful to you as you drive, but to other drivers on the road so they can clearly see your driving intentions.

Don't let faulty lighting put you in a dangerous driving situation. Automotive Service Solutions in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa can inspect and replace fuses, wiring, bulbs or any part of your lighting system to keep you driving safely down the road.
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Our electrical service department has supplied alternators, starters and repair services to commercial industries, trucking fleets, agriculture, marine and fire departments since 1977. Check out our Services page for a more complete list of our quality, professional auto repair, truck repair and fleet services.

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