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Emission Control - Automotive Service Solutions - Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa

Iowa Emission Control - Who is responsible?

Emission control is everyone's responsibility. Keeping your vehicle well-tuned and running smoothly can help reduce smog, lower fuel costs and help our environment.

Because of poor air quality caused by motor vehicle emissions, most states are forced to require emissions testing for the vehicles that drive their roads. Emission inspections are valuable in reducing air and noise pollution as well as keeping the roads safe for everyone.

According to dmv.org/ia-iowa, "one poorly maintained vehicle creates more pollution than 30 properly functioning cars or trucks. Because Iowa fortunately lacks the population necessary for a huge smog problem, there are no formal guidelines in place for vehicle emission checks. However, Iowa Department of Transportation officials encourage drivers to care for their vehicles by replacing clogged air filters and seeking professional maintenance when appropriate."

Automotive Service Solutions is the place to go to keep your vehicle running smoothly, safely and cleanly. Automotive owners who are diligent about getting regular maintenance and services usually have no problems passing emission tests. Give Automotive Service Solutions a call at 319-233-4466 for professional and affordable emission control testing.
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Pass Your Emission Control Systems Test - Automotive Service Solutions

Here are some of the automotive issues that are addressed by emissions testing: Make Sure
  • You have a properly fitting, sealed gas cap with no cracks and breaks.
  • Your vehicle's exhaust has no holes or obvious leaks.
  • Your vehicle is not leaking any fluids like gasoline, oil or coolant.
  • That the vehicle's emission control equipment is present, connected and operating properly.
  • That your vehicle oil and coolant levels are at manufacturer's recommended levels.
  • Your tires are properly inflated and not worn.
  • And much, much more!

At Automotive Service Solutions, our ASE Certified emissions expert technicians can inspect and repair all of the issues covered by emissions testing.
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Keep Your Vehicle Iowa Emission Test Ready with Regular Maintenance

Automotive Service Solutions can help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and keep your vehicle running cleaner and more efficient, it means you will experience reliable and safe driving for years to come.

Trust all of your emission control issues to Automotive Service Solutions. We perform expert auto repairs, service and maintenance. Make sure your vehicle keeps you driving safely down Iowa's roads. Let Automotive Service Solutions provide you with regular maintenance and service.
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