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Engine Performance - Automotive Service Solutions

"Engine Performance" can mean anything from how your engine starts up first thing in the morning to the more complicated workings of control modules, horsepower, and boosters. But the average person does not usually think about "Engine Performance." We are usually too busy to stop and consider how things are working - we just want to know that they are working.

When we hear our car making sounds it shouldn't be making, or when the car doesn't drive the way it does normally, that's when we consider our engine performance. In order to receive top performance from our engines they require attention. They need maintenance at regular intervals along with a little TLC to keep them in good running condition.
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Oil / Filter Changes - Waterloo, Iowa and Cedar Falls, Iowa

One of the most important things you can do to keep your engine at peak performance is to get regular oil and filter changes. Our ASE Certified Technicians at Automotive Service Solutions are your local oil change experts. Automotive Service Solutions oil change experts use only the best products recommended for your vehicle.

Automotive Service Solutions can help you keep a regular car care maintenance schedule and we’ll make sure your vehicle gets the best care available. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the tools, the skills and the experience to keep your vehicle's engine performing in top-notch condition. Call us today at Automotive Service Solutions for professional, affordable oil and filter changes.
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Air Filters - For Top Engine Performance - Automotive Service Solutions

Vehicles need a constant flow of air to keep your engine running smoothly. There should be no restrictions, like debris or non-working parts so that air is coming into your vehicle's engine continually. Your vehicle's air filter keeps outside debris (like bugs, leaves and dirt) from getting inside of your engine. After doing their job, filters can get clogged up and should be replaced. An air filter can usually last for quite a while, but a dirty air filter can block the flow of air your engine needs to run properly.

The next time you bring your vehicle in to Automotive Service Solutions, let our ASE Certified Technicians take a look at your air filter and make sure it is clean. We can replace it if necessary to keep your engine running smoothly.
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Plugs & Wires - The Tune Up Experts in Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa

There's just nothing like a good old fashion tune-up to keep your vehicle running like new. Your engine performance depends on how well the spark plugs and wires are working. The wires send an electrical current to the spark plugs, which then creates a spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture in your cylinders. You can imagine the amount of use it gets keeping that spark going while your engine is running. Old spark plugs and wires can zap your engine performance and cause it to run "rough."

Some manufacturers recommend changing your spark plugs and wires every 30,000 miles. Automotive Service Solutions recommends changing the plugs and wires at the same time to make sure you get the best electric current to your plugs. Our ASE Certified Technicians are plug and wire experts and can take care of all of your tune-up needs.
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Cooling System Professionals - Automotive Service Solutions

A tremendous amount of heat can build up inside your engine as it runs. While some of this heat is expelled through your vehicle's exhaust system, the remaining heat affects important engine parts such as belts and hoses. To absorb this heat, your cooling system continually circulates coolant as needed. Then the coolant passes back through the radiator to be cooled back down. Your engine's thermostat keeps track of the coolant's temperature and then releases or closes the valve for optimal engine performance.

Automotive Service Solutions can keep your engine's cooling system working at peak capacity. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to an inconvenient, and possibly unsafe situation because your car’s cooling system is not working properly. Automotive Service Solutions is dedicated to making sure that your vehicle runs cool and clean. Call us today and our ASE Certified cooling system professionals will make sure your car's cooling system works at peak performance.
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For Optimum Engine Performance - Iowa's Top Auto Repair Professionals

Make sure your engine gives you the best performance possible. The best way to make sure it starts right the first time and then runs right all day, let Automotive Service Solutions perform regular maintenance service - routine oil and filter changes, complete air filter inspections, and replace old plugs and wires at regular intervals. We have the skills and equipment to do the job right and we are dedicated to giving you professional, affordable repairs and maintenance so that you can drive safely down Iowa's roadways for years to come. Give us a call and see why our customers keep coming back!
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