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Fleet Vehicles Service at Automotive Service Solutions

We know that your fleet vehicles represent a substantial financial investment. Your fleet should not only run reliably but also look good. Nothing could be worse than for your community to see your fleet vehicle broken down on the side of the road. Automotive Service Solutions can help keep your fleet running and looking its best. We will assist you in optimizing that investment by keeping your vehicles safe and dependable.
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Waterloo's professional and affordable Fleet Maintenance and Repair Shop

You have many Fleet Service repair shops to choose from, and you want to know the best repair shop to trust with your fleet maintenance, service and repair. We would like you to give us the opportunity to prove to you that your fleet vehicles will get the best care available from our fleet-expert technicians at Automotive Service Solutions.

Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship with you. We will accomplish that goal by giving you the best service possible and making every effort to repair your vehicles right the first time.

We will also make recommendations for repairs and scheduled maintenance that will maximize the safety and efficiency of your fleet vehicles.
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Preventive Maintenance - Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa

Automotive Service Solutions understands that customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business and we look forward to working with you to reach and maintain the ultimate goal of fleet vehicle dependability. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the training and experience to keep your fleet in tip-top shape.

Call us today for your personalized Fleet Service Package!
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Expert Fleet Repair and Maintenance - Automotive Service Solutions

As business owners ourselves, we know that keeping your fleet driving down the road is an economic necessity. The last thing you need is to experience vehicle failure. Vehicle breakdowns not only cause costly interruptions in your daily activities, the personnel downtime and vehicle repairs mean double jeopardy and a PR nightmare. That's why Automotive Service Solutions is serious about caring for your fleet.

Most of us businessmen are always in "rush" mode. When business is good, our fleet of vehicles is on the road. Yet, if we don’t take the time to keep our fleet maintained, business stops - activities and responsibilities suffer. Some major repairs could be diminished or even eliminated by regular preventive maintenance.

A preventive maintenance program for your fleet vehicles could make the difference in your ability to provide reliable service to your customers. No one wants the reputation of having to give excuses for delays because of vehicle breakdowns.

No matter whether you haul people, products or even other vehicles, your fleet is the backbone of your business. Keep your fleet on the road, producing revenue and providing top-quality service to your customers. Let Automotive Service Solutions' expert fleet technicians maintain and repair your fleet vehicles.
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Trust Your Fleet to Automotive Service Solutions in Iowa

From tractors and trailers, vans and pickups, sedans or sports cars, your fleet is important to Automotive Service Solutions. We would like to custom build a Fleet Maintenance Package for you.

Our fleet packages include:

  • A personal introduction to Automotive Service Solutions owners and business managers.
  • Current customer reviews and testimonials.
  • A list of the fleet specialized services we offer.
  • A list of our certifications and affiliate memberships.
  • A copy of our vehicle detailed history report.
  • Our fleet package application and list of payment options.

Trust Automotive Service Solutions with all of your fleet vehicle needs. We can help you extend the life of your major business investment - your fleet. Call us today about setting up a Fleet package that meets your business needs!
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Fleet Maintenance & Repair in Waterloo, IA.
Automotive Service Solutions
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